From June 17 to June 21, 2024, Bitcoin ETFs saw significant outflows, reflecting changing investor sentiment amid market volatility. On June 17, outflows totaled $145.9 million, with major withdrawals from FBTC and ARKB. June 18 saw even higher outflows at $152.4 million, led by FBTC and GBTC. June 19 had no activity. Despite a minor inflow on June 20, total outflows were $139.9 million. The week ended with $105.9 million in outflows on June 21. These consistent outflows suggest investors are re-evaluating their positions due to market turbulence.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Over the past week, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a significant decline, dropping from $66,676 to $62,384. During this period, BTC faced difficulties in holding above the crucial resistance level of $67,200, repeatedly slipping below this mark. This ongoing resistance indicates a tough environment for BTC to surpass and maintain a sustained upward trend above $67,200.

If Bitcoin (BTC) drops below the $62,000 level, it could potentially decline to the nearest significant support level around $59,000. This level has previously acted as a strong support zone, where buyers have stepped in to prevent further declines. However, if the $59,000 support is breached, it might indicate a further downside momentum, possibly leading to a more substantial correction in the price of BTC.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Last week, Ethereum (ETH) experienced a decline from $3,624 to $3,364. During this period, ETH faced difficulties in staying above the critical resistance level of $3,500, often slipping below this mark. This struggle to remain above $3,500 underscores the prevailing resistance in the market, suggesting that Ethereum may encounter challenges in maintaining upward momentum in the short term.

A drop in Ethereum (ETH) below the $3,200 mark could signal a potential decline towards the nearest support level at around $2,900. This scenario indicates that failing to sustain a price above $3,200 might expose ETH to additional selling pressure, potentially pushing it lower towards $2,900. Traders and investors keep a close eye on critical support levels such as $3,200.

Solana Price Analysis

Over the past week, Solana (SOL) saw a notable price decline, dropping from $151 to $124.52. Throughout this timeframe, SOL faced difficulties in staying above the critical resistance level of $157, repeatedly failing to maintain its upward momentum beyond this point. This struggle to surpass $157 indicates a significant resistance level in the market, potentially signaling hurdles for Solana to achieve a sustained upward trajectory in the immediate future.

If Solana (SOL) falls below $120, it may decline toward the closest support at $107. This would signal a deeper weakening of SOL's position, indicating increased selling pressure and limited buying interest. Traders and investors will likely closely monitor SOL's price near the $120 level to gauge the potential for a continued downtrend toward $107.


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