In late June, Mt. Gox announced its intention to distribute more than $9 billion in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and fiat currency to creditors by early July. Currently, all known MtGox Trustee addresses hold a total of 94,457.46716047 BTC. Recently, a significant transfer of 47,228.73365683 BTC from these addresses has been observed, indicating substantial asset movement.

In addition, Arkham Intelligence reports that the German government commenced selling Bitcoin (BTC) on June 18th, liquidating over 10,000 BTC. This sizable sell-off is anticipated to exert considerable selling pressure on the market. As of now, the German government still holds 39,826 BTC valued at approximately $2.2 billion.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Starting from July 1st, BTC opened at $62,772 and closed slightly higher at $62,899. However, the following days saw increased volatility. By Wednesday, BTC prices broke below the crucial support level range of $62,000 to $62,500, experiencing a decline of 3.1%. On Thursday (4/07), Bitcoin (BTC) continued its downward trajectory, influenced by significant selling pressure from both governmental actions and the Mt. Gox trustee's distribution plans. The price of BTC fell sharply by 5.25%, extending the previous day's decline.

On Friday (5/07), Bitcoin (BTC) saw a slight decrease of 0.74%, reaching its lowest price since March, touching $53,485. The continued selling pressure from Mt. Gox's trustee distributing funds contributed significantly to this decline. On Saturday, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a minor rebound in price, attempting to recover from recent lows. However, it struggled to surpass the resistance level that was previously a support area.

The weekend saw Bitcoin (BTC) continuing its volatile trend, with a brief rebound on Saturday followed by a notable decline of 4.07% on Sunday. As of today, Monday, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading near its recent lows, with the price hovering around $54,260 at the time of writing. This level is close to the recent low of $53,485. If BTC can hold above the $53,485 support level, there may be potential for a modest rebound in its price movement.

Ethereum Price Analysis

On Monday, July 1st, Ethereum (ETH) attempted to break above its downtrend line but faced resistance in the $3,500 to $3,600 area. The price of Ethereum (ETH) experienced a gradual decline throughout the week, reaching its peak on Thursday (4/07) when it broke below the key support area of $3,328 to $3,365. This significant breach led to a sharp decline of 7.15% in ETH's price on that day alone.

On Friday (5/07), Ethereum (ETH) saw its price decline to a low of $2,810 before closing the day at $2,981. This represented a correction of 2.55% in ETH's price for that day alone. Ethereum (ETH) mirrored Bitcoin's volatility. On Saturday (6/07), ETH experienced a modest rebound, rising by 2.85%. However, this recovery was short-lived as ETH declined by 4.43% on Sunday.

For Ethereum (ETH), maintaining support above the $2,800 level is crucial. If ETH fails to hold above this support level, there is a possibility of a gradual decline towards the $2,700 price level.

Solana Price Analysis

On July 2nd, Solana (SOL) exhibited a notable price movement distinct from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). SOL surged by 5.02%, which was attributed to positive sentiment surrounding the announcement of a Solana spot ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund). Following the initial surge driven by the Solana spot ETF announcement, sentiment quickly turned as Solana (SOL) experienced significant declines. On Wednesday, SOL's price dropped by 8.56%, followed by another substantial decline of 9.22% on Thursday.

On Friday, Solana (SOL) displayed notable resilience after recent declines, marked by a significant increase in buying volume when its price touched a low of $121. SOL managed to stage a recovery, closing the day with a 5.05% increase. Following a robust rebound, Solana (SOL) continued its volatile weekend trading. On Saturday, SOL surged by 6.5%, reflecting ongoing buying momentum and renewed investor interest. However, this upward movement was short-lived as SOL declined sharply by 7.98% on Sunday, retracing back to its support area.  

As of today (8/07), Monday, Solana (SOL) has shown a rebound of 3% from its support area. As long as SOL maintains support above crucial levels, traders may consider leveraging this rebound for short-term profit-taking strategies. However, market conditions can change rapidly, so it's essential for investors to monitor SOL's price action closely.


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