Over the last week, the cryptocurrency market slightly went up after the Federal Reserve’s announced a 25-basis point interest rate increase. But after the slight increase, cryptocurrency market remains flat and goes sideways a bit at the time of writing.

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $23,000 earlier in the weekend and flattened on Sunday (5/2). Before making any large changes, investors are expected to wait for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's next utterances, which is set for Tuesday 12:40 PM (GMT -6).

Bitcoin (BTC) price went down to 3.14%, while Ethereum (ETH) went down for 0.50 % for the last seven days.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) remains flat going into the weekend, even after FOMC and unemployment rate announcements.

On weekly candles, RSI has flattened out, hovering at 80 and similarly MACD continues heading towards neutral territory as volume sharply decreases.

BTC's open interest has since dropped significantly, with liquidations in the nearest term being a 50/50 split between longs and short positions.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum continues its sidewards trend, showing unusual bullish signals that have since simmered down over the weekend.

ETH's RSI on the daily chart has since settled beneath the overbought area, with the expectation that the market will continue its sidewards movement into this week with no major upcoming catalysts.


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