Over-the-counter Trading (OTC)


experience the next level of
private trading

Seamless Experience

From onboarding, transaction, to settlement, our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients feel valued at every point of their journey.

Personalized Service

Each client and trade is unique. Our team is ready around the clock to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Minimal Price Impact

Easily place large orders off-exchange with custom quotes, no slippage, no trading fees, and with minimal market impact.

Customized Execution

Besides large trades, our team is committed to provide tactical advice and solutions to fit your needs.


How Do I Get Started?

Sign Up & KYC

Sign Up and complete the identity verification (KYC) onboarding process.

Connect with Client Services

Contact our OTC trading desk and communicate your preferred trade. Once trade is confirmed, fiat deposit instructions will be provided.

Complete Trade

Once we receive your fiat or cryptocurrency deposit, our trader will instantly send the requested currency to your preferred bank account or wallet address.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why trade on OTC and not the exchange?
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Which pairs are available on Mobee OTC Desk?
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