During the final week of December, Bitcoin investors encountered a dilemma in the crypto market. The value of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped to below $44,000, which brought it close to a critical support level of $42,500. However, the start of 2024 saw BTC rebound and surge to $45,000, the highest level it has reached since April 2022.

Speculation that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve several spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is thought to be the reason behind the recent surge in Bitcoin's price. Established financial companies such as BlackRock and VanEck are among the 13 firms competing for approval. If a regulated spot Bitcoin product is launched in the U.S., it could increase demand for Bitcoin in the upcoming months, according to traders. However, market analysts and commentators have mixed views on the impact of ETF endorsement.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

BTC is actively challenging the $45,000 resistance level, signaling a potential breakout. Should this resistance be surpassed, it could instigate a bullish trend, influencing market dynamics. As of now, the prevailing sentiment remains bullish, reflecting positive investor outlooks.

Monitoring this critical resistance level is crucial for anticipating market shifts and potential trading opportunities. Breaking the $45,000 barrier may serve as a catalyst for increased market activity and bullish momentum.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH encounters a notable challenge at the $2,400 resistance, posing a pivotal point for market observers. Simultaneously, ETHBTC maintains consolidation at a lower level. This situation demands careful attention, as a breakthrough or rejection at the $2,400 resistance could shape Ethereum's trajectory.

Additionally, the relative affordability of most Altcoins in comparison to BTC suggests potential opportunities for diversification. Traders should remain attuned to these dynamics, assessing the interplay between key resistance levels and Altcoin valuations.


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