A group of investors has invested $12 million into the Shiba Inu Ecosystem by acquiring the yet-to-be-launched $TREAT utility and governance token, which represents Shiba Inu's final non-stable token. This investment will enable the unlocking of Shiba Inu's newly revealed blockchain, which incorporates Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology. Developed in collaboration with their partner Zama.ai, this innovative encryption chain is poised to address various challenges in the crypto sphere, such as enhancing privacy and trust for Shiba Inu's extensive community of tens of millions of users and the next wave of crypto-curious individuals.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The Bitcoin (BTC) chart currently shows a robust support level in the range of $59,000 to $60,000. Despite a bounce-back to the $67,000 level on April 23rd, the price of BTC failed to sustain its upward momentum. Subsequently, the price of Bitcoin experienced a decline once more. This indicates a potential resistance level forming around $67,000, suggesting that further upward movement may be challenging in the short term.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum faces significant resistance level at $3,300 mark. A breakthrough above these levels could signal bullish momentum, potentially driving the price toward. By Sunday (28/04), ETH corrected to the $3,175 level (29/04), indicating a temporary setback in its upward trajectory.

Solana Price Analysis

Solana encountered resistance in sustaining its upward trajectory on April 23, prompting a correction the following day. By Monday, April 29, the price had corrected to $134.25. The next target is a retest of the $130 support level. Despite this dip, Solana's market capitalization stands at $60 billion, solidifying its position as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.


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