A recent surge in large holder inflows has sparked interest, with a 700% increase since Feb. 25. This surge indicates significant buying activity, highlighted by the rise in SHIB purchases from 336.79 billion to 2.08 trillion between 25 and 28 February. In the WIF market, a large investor bought over 673,000 WIF tokens at $1.36 each, showing confidence in the project's future.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) broke through its $53,000 resistance on Monday (26/02), emerging from the consolidation phase between $50,800 and $52,500. It then continued its upward trajectory towards the weekly resistance at $60,000. By Wednesday (28/02), Bitcoin successfully surpassed this price point.

Based on the price history of BTC in the previous year, it can be concluded that leading up to the halving, the price tends to rise, creating a new all-time high. As information, the highest price in the previous halving period reached $69,000.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum's successful maintenance of a position above $3,000 sets the stage for the next significant resistance barrier at $3,300 and within a week reached weekly resistance at $3,500 price level. The next target increase for Ethereum is $4,000 if it can maintain its position above $3,300.

Solana Price Analysis

When Solana's price manages to break above the $105 level, there is a tendency for the price to move up to the $112 resistance level. On February 28th, the Solana price was able to break through $112 and continue its price increase to the daily resistance at $120, and by Friday, March 1st, it was able to reach the weekly resistance at $136.


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