The Federal Reserve has announced that it will maintain the current interest rate range of 5.25-5.5%. However, the Fed is waiting for more definitive signals of a decrease in inflation and is adopting a more prudent stance toward interest rate adjustments. The Fed Chair has stated that inflation is still deemed elevated, and there are indications that there will be no reduction in interest rates in March.

The statement has the potential to affect the price of Bitcoin (BTC), especially since it is currently in a sideways pattern with no signs of positive movement. At the time of writing, Bitcoin still around $42,000 price level.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Last week's market behavior highlighted a cautious approach among investors, with Bitcoin's price slowly descending to the $42,300 level. This movement is critical as it aligns with the formation of a double top pattern on the daily chart, a classic reversal indicator that could signify a stronger bearish trend if validated. The declining daily trading volume further supports the notion of a potential pullback or consolidation, as lower volume often accompanies a lack of conviction in price movements, suggesting that the current downtrend may persist without significant buy-side pressure.

Intraday observations over the weekend noted minimal volatility and a continuation of the bearish trend. This activity, or lack thereof, underscores a cautious market sentiment, potentially setting the stage for further declines if the bearish sentiment solidifies. The market's immediate focus will be on whether the double top pattern fully materializes and how the volume reacts to any price changes. Investors and traders should closely monitor these developments, as they could indicate the market's next major move.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Over the past week, Ethereum showcased resilience in the face of volatility, rebounding from a significant dip to stabilize around $2,339​​. However, the technical landscape presents a mix of optimism and caution. Ethereum's recent price actions have shown a deviation above key resistance areas, followed by a fallback below these levels, indicating a bearish outlook on both weekly and daily timeframes. This movement suggests that the market is at a crossroads, with potential for either a continuation of the recovery rally or a reversal if bearish pressures prevail​​.

In summary, Ethereum's market position last week was characterized by a combination of bullish recovery signs and underlying bearish technical indicators. As the market navigates these mixed signals, the upcoming trends will likely hinge on the ability of the support zones to hold and on broader market sentiment.


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