Last week, the Bitcoin Spot ETF had a significant impact on the movement of crypto prices. On Wednesday (3/01), Bitcoin's value dropped below $43,000 due to analyst reports that suggested the SEC is unlikely to approve a Bitcoin ETF. This news caused a significant drop in the price of Bitcoin, indicating that information about the potential ETF was already factored into the current Bitcoin price.

The Bitcoin Spot ETF is expected to be approved by the SEC around January 10, 2024. Investors are eagerly waiting for the approval news.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently navigating a consolidation phase subsequent to encountering resistance at the $45,000 level. The prevailing market conditions reveal a pattern of lateral movement, where BTC is trading within the range of $40,000 to $45,000. This consolidation signifies a period of price stabilization, as market forces seek equilibrium before the emergence of significant catalysts that might influence directional trends.

The neutrality in BTC's current sentiment implies a balanced perspective among market participants, showcasing a wait-and-see approach.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) experienced a reversal, dropping to the $2,200 level. The cryptocurrency is currently in a consolidation phase, fluctuating within the $2,200 to $2,400 range. This period of consolidation suggests a potential stabilization before the next significant move. Notably, altcoins are showing a decline in market capitalization compared to Bitcoin (BTC), indicating a shift in investor sentiment towards the leading cryptocurrency.


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